Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Burkina Faso

  • Where are we in Burkina Faso?

    Tractor Provider is yet to open a physical office in Burkina Faso. However, even though we don’t have a physical yard for you to come and visit, we have been operating through online means.

    What are the ways to get in touch with you?

    You can connect with Tractor Provider Burkina Faso through online means, you could either visit our homepage and connect with the real-time support using the website’s built-in feature or you could email us directly at [email protected]. Visit our Contact us page for more information of getting in touch with us.

    What tractor to purchase for my farm?

    When it comes to buying tractors or farm implements, proper research always comes a long way. Since it is a one-time purchase, we help our customers select the best agricultural machinery that suits their individual farming needs. At our tractor dealership, we offer you a wide range of modern vehicles and attachments that ease the load off of you.

    If you are looking to buy a used tractor, we have a list of incredible Massey Ferguson tractors, both second-hand and brand new. The same goes for the lineup of new Holland tractors and Japanese tractors. Our combine harvesters are an exceptional piece of tech when it comes to farming, we have the Kubota lineup in stock which are the best of their kind. You can find used tractors for sale as well as brand-new tractors for sale.

    What Farm Implement to purchase for my farm?

    Aside from tractors, we also have a massive stock of Farm Implements for sale in Burkina Faso. we have a wide range of sprayers, ploughs, disc harrows. Besides that, we sell home equipment like lawnmowers and many other implements, all of these farm implements are compatible with the tractors we sell. Our staff will help you choose the best product for your farm.

    What currency do we accept?

    As for the currency, we accept payments in US dollars and JPY only at our designated banks, you can visit our website’s bank details page for more detail.

    When Will My Tractor or Farm Implement Be Delivered?

    We, at Tractor Provider Burkina Faso are highly punctual when it comes to delivering you the products. However, on average, the process and delivery combined would take about 5-6 weeks more or less.

    Are Stock Spare parts available?

    One of our distinguishing features from other dealerships in Burkina Faso is our after-sales service. Yes, we do provide stock spare parts for all tractors in our inventory.


    What to do if my item turns out to be faulty?

    A product is rarely faulty, but if it is, don’t worry. You can contact our services and we will try to troubleshoot the problem on phone. If that doesn’t work, Tractor Provider Burkina Faso facilitates you by connecting you with the experts in the field and helping you get back on track.