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  • Experience a quality harvest with the help of our agricultural machinery

    Congo is one of the countries with the highest fertility in the world, hence it has great potential to become self-sufficient in food production. Our tractor company in Congo can help in this regard, as we are playing our role in supporting the local farmers by providing a wide variety of high quality agricultural machinery. In Congo, many farms have manual labor which is not only time-consuming, but is less efficient in comparison to automation.

    With the help of tractors in Congo, farmers can be well-organized and achieve a faster harvest. We have Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale but to ensure our customers have more alternatives we supply New Holland Tractors for sale as well. We also have a variety of used Japanese tractors for sale. We don't restrict ourselves in our approach to ease our farmers' lives, hence we stock several farm implements to assist them. Our website has a lot of equipment listed, that you can choose from, to make your agricultural processes better.

    Why choose our tractors?

    Our Massey Ferguson company in Congo is known for its practicability and dependability. Tractors help with daily tasks and Massey Ferguson is one of the best agricultural manufacturers in the market. We have a wide range of Massey Ferguson tractors. Our brand new Massey Ferguson tractors in Congo are available at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on the variety we have, as we have numerous tractors from other brands as well. Our New Holland and used Japanese tractors are top-notch.

    Our variety of tractors in Congo differ in horsepower and we can aid you in finding the perfect one for your farm. To be of service to our Congo farmers, we deliver tractors for sale to your doorstep, and have used products of good quality. Massey Ferguson 260 is an all-rounded tractor with 60 horsepower and has an impressive engine. Other than that, we have the New Holland 480S which has 55 horsepower with two reverse speeds and is ideal for farm implements. For smaller farms, we have the Used Kubota / GL220 which has 22 horsepower. Additionally, there are used tractors for sale on our site.

    Our cultivation tools to the rescue!

    We have Farm Implements in Congo which lead to higher efficiency, lower production time, the introduction of commercial agriculture, and minimum to no soil disruption. There are many other benefits of implementing farming implements in your agricultural process. We have Farm Implements for sale and used Combine Harvesters. We have the Disc Harrow Offset Disc 14 NOS for sale which has 14 Discs and works well with a 50 HP tractor. There is a Chisel Plough that has a working width of 1.20 meters and is used to shatter but not move the soil.

    Tractor Provider is here to serve you with the finest

    Our tractor dealers in Congo supply farmers with prime quality products at decent prices. We hold our customers in high regard and provide exceptional after-sales service. Our site has multiple products for your cultivation needs and lists all the information in detail about the machinery. If further assistance is needed, you can get in touch with us, as we are here to make a lasting impression on you by guiding you thoroughly. Our professional staff will direct you in what is beneficial for you and your financial conditions. Contact us today and let us be of service.