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  • Tractor Provider has stretched its wings and has finally come to yet another South African nation. We are proud to announce our arrival in the country of beautiful deserts and deltas, Botswana.

    Tractor Provider Botswana promises to bring you the best services when it comes to farming. Whenever you encounter an agricultural problem, we are the tractor dealers in Botswana to go to. Our dealership deals in various brands, from international to local agricultural machinery, from the highest HP Tractors to farm implements, we have it all.

    All in all, Tractor Provider Botswana provides varied choices to the country's farmers when it comes to agricultural equipment.

    Tractor Provider Botswana's Aim

    Our aim has always been the development and education of the common farmers. By training the farmers and acquainting them with the latest equipment in the market, we will enable the local farmers to compete alongside other nations and make an immense impact on their country's economy. It will not only benefit them individually but also positively impacts the whole world.

    Why did we Choose Botswana when it's 70% desert?

    Botswana is a country that mainly relies on two things, number one is their diamond mines and the second is tourism. Since Botswana is home to some of the rarest animal species in the world, agriculture only accounts for about three percent of Botswana's GDP, the rest of the economy is derived from cattle or livestock export.

    When It comes to agriculture, most of Botswana is not suitable for crop production due to the harsh weather, their major crops are sorghum maize and millet, and a few other drought-prone crops. Tractor Provider is glad to be the only tractor company in Botswana to say this,

    "However slim our chances may seem, we will dig opportunities for the farmers against all odds."

    How can we fight the odds and what do we offer?

    Tractor Provider Botswana puts its faith in you, the farmers. We assure you that we will provide you with all the possible agricultural machinery you would possibly need to make your agriculture sector flourish. With our facilities, you can farm with efficiency and increase your crop yield instantly as our farm implements and tractors do the hard work for you.

    Our available stock

    Our inventory contains tractors from different brands and HPs, various farm Implements for sale, and tractor attachments to choose from, we deliver brand new Massey Ferguson in Botswana, New Holland tractors as well as used Japanese tractors for sale. We also have a wide range of offsets, Sprayers and ploughs, and last but not the least, we sell used combine Harvesters to make the harvesting season effortless.

    We facilitate our Farmers to the best we can

    Farmers are the root of our business and we take care of them by providing them with low-priced goods all over Botswana, and special deals for our new customers. So order your tractor or implements today and be a part of the Tractor Provider Botswana family.