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  • Tractor Provider is a tractor company in Egypt, catering to the services of farmers to fulfill their agricultural needs. Our diverse range of agricultural machinery is exclusively adapted to serve the farming class in their everyday agricultural tasks. From multipurpose tractors and farm implements to high-end imported industrial farming tractors, both in used and brand new tractors, we have a lot to offer.

    Our services target the agricultural needs of the African farmers for easing their burden and hastening up the entire cultivation process. We strive hard every day to bring high quality agricultural machinery to the farmers' doorsteps for them to attain maximum yield in minimum time. We offer farm implements that are easy to operate and handy enough to simplify the cultivation process. We aim towards the provision of maximum agricultural resources to the African farmers to assist them in their agricultural accessibility by supplying great quality of used combined harvesters, as well as used Japanese tractors for sale.

    Agriculture sector fuels the economy

    The economy of Egypt is very much dependent on the agricultural sector. A significant amount of foreign exchange is obtained as a result of the export of cash crops around the globe. These cash crops include sugarcane, followed by sugar, beet and wheat. Approximately 16.3 million tons of sugarcane are exported as stated by the record of 2019.

    The agricultural record of Egypt is quite remarkable due to which this sector contributes 11.3% of the GDP of the country. Furthermore, agriculture also provides countless employment opportunities constituting about 28% of them. Besides, Egypt is also considered to be the principal producer of cotton. However, this cotton yield is not exported as much as it is expected to be.

    Tractor Provider Egypt is here to help in the immediate harvest of cotton crops by means of supplying essential farm implements, particularly reapers which will hasten the process of cotton harvest. This enables the farmers to attain a higher yield within the same time yet with better productivity.

    Who are we

    We are one of the world's most reliable tractor dealers in Egypt. At Tractor Provider Egypt, our core focus resonates around the Egyptian farmers who work tirelessly to attain a higher yield of crops. We are here to help low-income Egyptian farmers by providing world-class and top-rated new and used tractors and agricultural machinery for sale at extremely affordable rates. We aim to aid the African and Egyptian farmers in their everyday agricultural tasks by investing in a long-term reliable machinery, including Massey Ferguson Tractors, New Holland Tractors, and farm implements.

    Feel free to get to know more about our robust tractors and other affiliated agricultural machinery. You can easily reach out to us by sending us an email or through the live chat feature. We are here to assist you!