Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Jamaica

  • What unique services do you have to offer?

    We are offering the supply of agricultural machinery which serves multiple functions for the assistance of farmers all around the globe to ensure their hectic workload is reduced exponentially. We do emphasize on making new customers but our focus centers around giving the best customer service experience to our existing customers. This one practice makes us unique. Our remarkable and versatile farming tools are easy to operate without needing much exercise. And lastly, what we promise is what we are known to deliver.

    What type of tractors is available at your online store?

    We have a huge inventory of tractors that are ideally suited for the production of crops. Massey Ferguson Tractors, New Holland Tractors as well as used Japanese tractors are currently holding a greater share of our inventory. You can get any of the desired tractors in used and unused condition. Furthermore, these tractors have different horsepower ranges, fitting the heaviest, compact, and subcompact tractor categories.

    What is the condition of the used implement and tractor?

    The farm implements that are up for sale are in brand new condition while the used tractors that are put up for sale, are scrutinized thoroughly. Before being put up for sale, the used tractors have undergone several scrutiny checks and reconditioned to ensure they are as good as new.

    What are the countries other than Jamaica in which you operate?

    We have been operating for decades in innumerable countries, serving countless clients and delivering excellence with every delivery. Our head office is located in Japan, while regional offices are functioning in many African countries like Egypt, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, etc., and many European countries as well. With the diligent struggle and appreciation from our customers, we are growing every day and currently, we are expanding our services in Jamaica via online means.

    Is the tractor delivery and farm implement delivery time the same?

    For all the local orders, the delivery time of any in-stock article is the same i.e. 3 to 4 weeks, be it a tractor or a farm implement. On the other hand, in the case of international orders, the delivery time of the desired article depends upon the distance of the destination port. The greater the distance, the greater would be the delivery time.

    How to place an online order?

    Initially, visit From thereon, explore the article that you would want to buy and send us a message for its in-stock availability. Upon receiving the corresponding message, one of our sales agents will get in touch with you. Emailing us directly to or joining us for a live chat via our website will also help you in placing an online order.

    How can I make payment for my order?

    For payment, you can send a bank transfer to us once the pro forma invoice has been sent to you. But please make sure of the designated bank mentioned. Other payment methods include cash payment at our regional offices in those countries where our regional offices are functional.

    In which currency do you accept the payment?

    We accept USD for international orders as well as JPY. But for local orders, the local currency is all good and acceptable.