Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Lebanon

  • Why should a new customer trust your company?

    Tractor Provider Lebanon is a trusted and reliable company, operating for decades in numerous countries, serving countless clients, and proposing such agricultural measures which in turn prove to be truly fruitful for the local farmers. Our company is legally authorized by the Japanese legislation system and with the continual support of our clients, we are growing day by day. Our regional offices are operating in several African countries mainly Uganda, Zimbabwe, Egypt, and many more. Our agricultural machinery is exclusively imported and maintains a qualitative standard to ensure customer satisfaction. We export our high-quality products to Lebanon. Give us a try, and see for yourself.

    Why New Holland Tractors and Massey Ferguson Tractors are among one of the top-selling tractor brands?

    New Holland Tractors and Massey Ferguson Tractors are known to be the most selling tractor brands because of their higher efficiency in the agricultural field yielding increased crop production with decreased manual power. These tractors come in a wide variety of horsepower ranges, catering to the requirements of the Lebanese farmers. Besides, these tractors are economical and reliable, performing operations even after several years of purchase.

    What is Tractor Provider Lebanon about?

    Tractor Provider Lebanon is all about agricultural machinery and massive tractors. We offer a diverse range of farming tools and highly productive tractors that are the only solution to the ever-growing problems of the farmers. Our tractors prove to be one of the significant assets for the agricultural industry, easing the hectic tasks of farmers without needing much workforce. Our inventory is fully stocked up with such farm implements that serve to be an easy solution for everyday agricultural needs.

    Which of the Massey Ferguson Tractors is suitable to perform mighty tasks?

    All the Massey Ferguson Tractors are quite massively built and can perform several operations remarkably well. However, the mightiest tractor of all is MF-375, possessing 85 horsepower with the 4WD option is considered to be suitable for executing heavy weighing and towing tasks.

    How a reaper can be of utmost help?

    Reapers are available on affordable rates at our online store. This farming tool can be of great help as the manual reaping process is quite time-consuming. Alternatively, with the help of reapers, the harvested crops can be reaped quite quickly preventing them from either being burnt in excessive heat or being eaten by crop hunters.

    What is the standard delivery time?

    In the case of local orders, the standard time is variable between 3 to 4 weeks. However, for international orders, it may take longer, somewhere between 5-8 weeks.

    How to place an online order via your website?

    For placing an online order, visit us at , explore our inventory, and look out for the perfect farming tool or tractor that fits all your needs, send us a message for its in-stock availability. Upon receiving the message, one of our sales agents will get in touch with you. You can also get in touch with us through our live chat feature available on our website. Besides, placing an order directly via will also work for you.

    How can I make a payment for my desired article?

    For the purchase of any article, the required amount needs to be sent through a bank transfer once the invoice has been received by you. Please make sure of sending the bank transfer to the designated bank mentioned only. Besides, cash payments are also welcomed for local orders at the regional offices.