Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Saint Lucia

  • Do you have an office in Saint Lucia?

    We currently do not have a physical site yet, however, we have an extensive online platform where you can view all our products on. You can visit the main page of our website to discover more and to buy the equipment of your choice.

    Looking for ways to connect?

    Want to get in touch with Tractor Provider Saint Lucia? Visit our contact us page to talk to our support team. You can also use the built-in feature of our website to chat in real-time, or you can choose to send us a detailed query, which we assure you that will be responded to within 24 hours. Another way to contact us would be through our phone numbers via WhatsApp or through the provided email.

    What tractor to purchase for my farm?

    Before getting yourself any sort of agricultural machinery, make sure that you have thoroughly researched everything. At Tractor Provider Saint Lucia, we have brand-new tractors for sale as well as used tractors for sale. We have a wide range of lineups to choose from and our sales agents will be glad to help you decide on the tractor of your dreams.

    What brands do you have in your inventory?

    We have the best tractor companies from all around the globe at our disposal, we have the infamous Massey Ferguson tractor lineup for sale with different HPs to select from. Other than that, we have the classic New Holland tractors for sale, as well as Japanese tractors. Our Kubota DC series harvesters are the best Combine harvesters in the market as of now. All of these models are available in brand-new and second-hand condition.

    What type of farm Implement do you offer?

    We have a wide range of different types of Farm Implements, we have disc harrows, trailers and blade attachments, ploughs and sprayers, trailers and loaders, and a lot of other utility-based implements that make your daily work easier.

    What currency do you accept?

    As for the currency, We accept payments in US dollars and JPY only at our designated banks. You can visit our website’s bank details page for more detail.

    What to do if I get a malfunctioning Vehicle?

    We, at Tractor Provider Saint Lucia, make sure that your tractors are inspected by professionals before they are shipped. However, if your product is still malfunctioning, don’t worry at all, our support team will help out. We will guide you through the troubleshooting process, or in the worst-case scenario send an on-ground professional to help resolve the problem.

    Are Stock Spare parts available for tractors?

    We are an online tractor dealership in Saint Lucia that offers the best after-sales services to their customers. This is what differentiates us from other tractor dealers. If you ever misplace or break something, worry not. We at Tractor Provider Saint Lucia, offer our customers a wide range of stock and custom spare parts for their tractors and implements. For more info, you can visit our policy page or contact our online team.