Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of South Africa

  • How to get in touch with Tractor Provider South Africa?

    Currently, we don’t have an actual office in South Africa, though we are still buying and selling through our trusted website. To get in touch with us, simply choose one of the two options, either call us directly through the phone numbers given on the website or through our website’s built-in chat feature.

    You further get two options; you can chat in real-time with our support team or simply leave a detailed message for us. For more information, visit our ‘contact us page.

    What should I buy?

    As a beginner in the field, agricultural machinery should be studied before purchasing. Let's say you own a large piece of land, then chances are an all-in-one thresher, seeder, and planter combine harvester would be the best choice. Whereas, if you are looking for something for a small piece of land, a Massey Ferguson 240 with a complimentary farm implement would be ideal.

    What brands do we offer?

    We have the best tractor companies from all around the globe at our disposal, from Massey Ferguson to the New Holland tractors series, we also have used Japanese tractors for sale in South Africa. Talking about Combine harvesters, Kubota DC series harvesters are the best Combine harvesters in the market as of now. All of these models are available in brand-new and second-hand condition.

    What type of farm Implement do we offer?

    We also have a wide range of different types of Farm Implements. We have disc harrows, trailers and blade attachments, ploughs and sprayers, trailers and loaders, and a lot of other utility-based implements that make your daily work easier.

    What currency do we accept?

    As for the currency, We accept payments in US dollars and JPY only at our designated banks. You can visit our website’s bank details page for more detail.

    Is your tractor not working?

    The tractors we sell are thoroughly inspected by professionals before they are shipped. Besides that, we at Tractor Provider South Africa, offer you an impeccable after-sales service. If your shipment is malfunctioning, you can get in touch with our sales team using any one of the modes of communication.

    How to place an order through our website?

    To place an order at our website, go to the main page of Tractor Provider and fill in the inquiry form. You will be hosted by our sales team shortly. They will verify your purchase and then your order will be confirmed. Within 24 hours, the user will get a response from our team.

    Are Spare parts stock available?

    Yes, all of our products come with stock spare part availability. In case you misplace parts or damage them, we can replace them for you at a minimal additional cost. We, at Tractor Provider Saint Lucia, offer our customers a wide range of stock and custom spare parts for their tractors and implements. For more info, you can visit our policy page or contact our online team.