Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Togo

  • Where are we situated in Togo?

    Tractor Provider Togo is working on starting a physical yard where we can deal in person with our customers. In the meantime, we are conducting our business online through our user-friendly website.

    What kind of tractor should you get for your farm?

    Proper research in this respect goes a long way, but to put it straight, there are still a couple of major factors to look for before buying your first farm truck. For example, a large farm requires a high HP tractor, whereas a small farm would need a 2WD low HP tractor. Now talking about the HPs and form-factors, we have a wide range of them in all of the best tractor brands.


    Which tractor brands do we have?

    We have brand new Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, a wide range of New Holland tractors, as well as the famous Kubota tractors in different form factors. We have quite a collection of used Ford tractors and Kubota combine harvesters as well. Aside from these, we also have various Farm implements for sale. Our online tractor dealership in Togo sells all of the above-mentioned tractors in both second-hand and brand-new condition.

    How can I Contact or place an order in Togo for my farm?

    You can email us at the company email address [email protected], or contact us by calling us on our given phone numbers provided on the website, and our sales staff will get to you within 24 hours. For more details, feel free to visit our home page.

    Another way to get in touch with Tractor Provider Togo is through our ‘live chat’ feature. You can either get a live team to help you on the go or write a detailed message and wait for us to get back to you on your query.


    What Currency do we Accept?

    Tractor Provider Togo prefers to accept payments in USD or JPY. Since we do not have a physical yard, we don’t accept payments in local currency. Bank transactions are only authorized to our designated bank as mentioned on our bank details page.


    Can I Inspect the Machinery Before Making a Purchase?             

    Yes, you can check your tractor or implement for malfunction beforehand if and only if we have a physical yard in the country. Else you would have to contact our sales team, and they will help their best to cater to you through the limited resources.

    Can I Sell my Old Tractor at Tractor Provider?

    To sell your old tractor or farm implements, you can contact our support team, they will help you fill in the necessary details about your product and see if it can be put up for listing. Once they are satisfied, you can sell your old tractor at Tractor Provider.


    What should I do if my Tractor or Implement Doesn’t Work?

    There are a few troubleshooting steps that you can follow but if none of them work, don’t worry. For us, our customers are our number one priority. Get in touch with our agents and they will help you resolve the issue or perhaps connect you with the on-ground experts in your country.