Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Tonga

  • How do I make a purchase at Tractor Provider?


    Tractor provider is a huge and trustworthy enterprise and assures our best possible service. We currently do not have our office set up in Tonga but we are working on it. But you can still easily sell and purchase everything we have on our inventory through our online website. Our website has our phone numbers included with the Email for your ease to contact us.


    There's a support team present for you whom you can contact or you can directly leave us a message on our website. You can use the "contact us" on our website to directly leave us a message.


    What do I need to buy for my land?


    Well, that entirely depends upon the size of land you have. You should carefully access your land and then give it a thorough thought about what you need for it. Generally, for a larger area, you can go for the all-in-one options. For smaller areas of land, tractors with complimentary farm implements would do just fine.


    How do we take our payments and in what currency?


    As already mentioned, we do not have an actual office in Tonga, so we can't accept payments in cash. You can transact money to us through online banking. Our banking info is provided on our website. In Tonga you can pay us in USD or JPY. To get more information about our banking policies, visit or contact us.


    Can I get Farm implements other than tractors?


    Well, you can definitely get farm implements other than tractors. We have with us a huge variety of different farm implements like chisel ploughs, mouldboard ploughs, farm trailers, hydraulic tipping trailers, offset disc harrows, cultivators, loaders, fertilizer spreader and many more. You can order anything you want to have.


    Can I inspect my tractor beforehand?


    You can ask for your tractor to be checked beforehand for your satisfaction. We offer quality and completely assure you not to worry about anything. Since we do not have an actual office in your country, our sales team can get you your tractor checked through online modes until you are satisfied with everything.


    How to place an order through our website?


    To order your tractor or any other farm implement you want to have, you can visit our website. Select whatever you want to buy and then carefully fill up the enquiry form. Our team will confirm the order with you. Within 24 hours you will be contacted once the order is placed.


    What brands do we have and are spare parts available too?


    Tractor provider has the best tractors from the best companies around the world. Companies like Massey Ferguson and New Holland provide their finest tractors. Also, several used Japanese tractors are available for sale as well. And not only do we offer equipment, we have their spare parts available as well. We assure you of the best of the services that we can offer.