Terms & Conditions

  • Tractor Providers Ltd. Company (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), hereby establishes the following terms and conditions for persons utilizing the company's internet sales and services, (hereinafter referred to as "User") for new and/or used tractors and agricultural machinery listed on the website. All terms and conditions stated herein are subject to amendments by the company from time to time, and without any notification to the users, in order to conform to the changing laws, rules, regulations, and other pertinent conditions affecting the company's operations, whereby the new terms and conditions will supersede the preceding versions. The user of the services shall be bound to adhere strictly to all such terms and conditions.


    1. The user must be 18 years of age at the time of purchase,

    2. Users under the age specified above can only avail the company's products and services through their parents, legal guardians, or elders' vis-à-vis next of kin who are older than 18 years of age and are financially independent.


    1. Used agricultural machinery are available on an "AS-IS" basis, with no reconditioning and/or repair work included in the published price.

    2. The company will not be responsible for condition or working of the "extra" equipment, gadget, tool that is not declared on the website along with the details of the machinery,

    3. The used stock should not be compared with the brand new stock listed on our website for it may not be as ideal as the Brand New stock; and that the conditions of used machinery vary according to its age and usage.


    1. All the machinery listed on the website is owned by the company and is sold on the First-Come-First-Serve basis to customers whose payment gets reflected in the company's account, given that the company is not a third party agent or broker.

    2. Payment mode is Telegraphic Transfer (also known as a wire transfer) only, made into the Company's Bank Account as specified on the website as well as the Pro Forma Invoice.

    3. After making the required payment mentioned in the Pro-forma invoice, the reference of the Pro-forma invoice number must be provided to the company when sending details of funds transfer along with a copy of the transaction receipt provided by the user's bank.

    4. No machinery will be shipped until full payment, including shipping and handling charges if applicable, is received and due amount is cleared.

    5. Similar machinery with similar qualifications is provided to the user(s) whose selected machinery is sold to another customer due to late confirmation of his/her payment from the company's bank.


    1. The user is responsible for providing accurate details such as the purchaser and consignee name, their contact details accurately; to ensure all the shipping documents are correctly prepared before shipment.

    2. The Company is not liable for any costs incurred by the User(s) and/or the consignee due to the failure of the user to inform the Company of the changes in the aforementioned consignee information.

    3. Once the machinery is shipped, its own documents and other pertinent artifacts necessary to clear the machinery at the destination port will be sent to the consignee via conventional mail or express courier service.

    4. It is the responsibility of the user to research in advance any import regulations in their own country and to report/inform the company respectively. Further, the user is responsible for paying all the taxes, duties, and other local charges assessed in their country.

    5. It is the sole responsibility of the user to abide by any and every import restriction, guidance, and/or instructions applicable to transactions with the company by his/her country of import. The user is liable for any resultant damage incurred by his/her own ignorance, while the company bears no liability for any such damage.


    1. Except where stipulated otherwise in the Terms and Conditions, users are notified by the company via general postings on the website, e-mail, or by other documentation means appropriated by the company. Such notification is deemed complete and effective immediately.

    2. The company has a discount policy with which it offers a certain percentage of concession on bulk purchases, depending on the types and number of units being purchased by the user.

    3. Company policy does not give leverage for refunds, however, if such circumstances and situations arise then the company may consider refunding a certain amount after deducting up to 20% of the payment received to cover administration costs, bank fees, and other charges incurred in this context.

    4. All the terms, conditions, and policies of the company are in accordance to the Japanese law of trading/exporting machinery. Therefore, enactment, validity, interpretation, and execution of these are always subject to the laws of Japan.


    1. For any dispute arising due to negligence in service, miscommunication, or delay in correspondence between the user and the company, a wise manner to settle it is through arbitration and negotiation.

    2. If the dispute(s) remains undecided even through discussion/negotiation then the Saitama District Court (Japan) holds original and exclusive jurisdiction over the dispute. The cost for referring the dispute to the court will be borne by the user/buyer.