Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Guinea Bissau

  • Do we have a physical office in Guinea Bissau?
    Tractor Provider has no office in the country of Guinea Bissau, the only countries we have our offices in are Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

    How can one contact us?
    To contact Tractor Provider Guinea Bissau, you can call us on our phone numbers present on the company's website through WhatsApp or send your query at our active email address [email protected]. One more way to get in touch with us is through the Tractor Provider Guinea Bissau's official website.
    You can have a live session with our real-time support team and get your questions answered or send our sales agents a detailed message about your problem and we will try to reply as soon as possible. Visit for more information.

    What kind of Tractors Can Tractor Provider provide for a newbie?
    Newcomers in the field of agriculture must research before getting a tractor. Our sales staff is at your service and will guide you to buy the best agricultural machinery for you. Here's an overview: the kind of tractors we sell include brand new Massey Ferguson tractors in various HPs, different models of the Kubota Combine line-up, and the New Holland Al Ghazi tractors are also for sale. All of these are available in both brand new and second-hand condition.

    What type of farm implements can I get?
    For spraying pesticides and fungi, a boom sprayer is what you need which attaches to the back of your tractor for mobility. We have other farm implements for sale in Guinea Bissau as well. You can get a plough to loosen up the soil before sowing and we have many different types of ploughs for different types of soils. To chop up unwanted weed, we sell various types of disc harrows too.

    How to Order at Tractor Provider Guinea Bissau?
    Visit our website, select an item, fill in the necessary details and submit. Our sales team will get to you in 24 hours and confirm your transaction.

    Which currency is accepted at Tractor Provide Guinea Bissau?
    We take payments in USD and JYP, payments are only accepted in the designated bank mentioned on our website's bank details page.

    When will my Order Arrive?
    We, at Tractor Provider Guinea Bissau value our customers and their time. If there are no traffic or inspection delays at the port, then 5-6 weeks is the period till you get your tractor or farm implement to your doorsteps. We make sure to try our best and keep the time as short as possible.

    What should I do if my product is defective?
    Tractor Provider Guinea Bissau's helplines are open for you 24/7. If you encounter such a problem with your machinery, you can contact us and we will guide you through the process.

    Do we sell tractor replacement parts?
    Yes, we supply spare parts for all of our products in stock, may that be a tractor or an implement. Please contact us for additional information on the specific parts you require.