Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Mali

  • How to get in touch with Tractor Provider Mali
    As of now, we don't have an actual location on the map of Mali. Instead, we're conducting business through online means. To get in touch with us, you are requested to choose one of the two given ways: either call us directly using the phone numbers displayed on the website, or through our website's built-in chat system. Through our chat system, you could chat in real-time or send a detailed query to your sales personnel. For more information, visit

    What Currency do you take payments in?
    We don't have a physical office in Mali, all the transactions may be done through online banking in USD or JYP. We only accept payments in banks designated by us. To get more information about our banking policies, visit or contact us.

    How to place an order through our website?
    To place an order, select your desired tractor or farm implement, then fill up the enquiry form. You will be hosted by our sales team shortly. Confirm your order and it's that simple.

    When will my farm truck show up?
    We, Tractor Provider Mali are a punctual company, we will make sure that you receive your package within 5-8 weeks of placement of your order.

    What sort of inventory is available at Tractor provider Mali?
    We have items ranging from budget tractors to high-end agricultural machinery. We have brand new Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, used tractors are also available for sale. Our used tractor's stock includes the Japanese tractors and our Kubota combine harvesters. Our New Holland tractors are also available at our tractor dealership in Mali. Whether they are new or used tractors in Mali, Tractor Provider Mali has got you covered. When it comes to Farm implements, we have a wide range to select from, both in new and used condition. We have many types of tractor implements for sale including chisel ploughs, mouldboard ploughs, farm trailers, hydraulic tipping trailers, offset disc harrows, cultivators, loaders, fertilizer spreader and many more. Visit our farm implement's section to see what we have.

    Can I inspect my used tractor before buying it?
    Our clients can come to the yard and investigate their potential order before buying. However, since we don't have a physical yard in Mali, you will have to get in touch with our sales team, and they will help you satisfy your needs online.

    Do you auction tractors?
    No, we do not auction tractors at Tractor Provider Mali.

    Can I sell my used tractor at Tractor Provider Mali?
    All things considered, it depends. Our strategy expects us to go through the hardware, the tractor then goes through a test that authorizes the listing. If your tractor passes our checking system, you will get a notification about your item's listing.

    My tractor doesn't start?
    Don't worry, contact our agents, and we'll help you get started with your machinery right away. If there's a physical defect in the machinery, we will connect you with the experts or replace the product as per the protocol.