Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Kenya

  • Why should I buy from Tractor Provider Kenya?
    Tractor Provider is a world-known dealer for agricultural machinery and is the best of tractor dealers in Kenya. We are here to provide our Kenyan Farmers with high-quality and reliable machinery. Our customer service is also the talk of the town. We deliver varying product models and give the best prices in the country. Trust in us and make your life easier.

    How do I know I'm buying the right machinery for my farm?
    It is important to recognize the benefits and drawbacks of buying either farm Implements or tractors in Kenya. But when you buy from us, then you have nothing to worry about. Making sure you have the right information is our priority so we have the characteristics of our products mentioned on our websites. Not only that, you can call or email us for further information, and don't hesitate because we are here to guide you. For farms of a larger size, it is suggested that tractors with higher horsepower are bought. Smaller farms can have tractors with 40 HP. There are different tractors on our website such as Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale or New Holland Tractors for sale.

    How can I place my order?
    Our tractor company in Kenya presents our customers with many alternatives in tractors and farm implements. After you are done selecting, you can order via phone or email. After you have carried out the bank transfer you will be contacted by our sales staff to verify your order. You can also make payments at our regional offices.

    How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
    Our reliability is why farmers all around the world trust and buy from us. We ensure customer satisfaction by delivering on the date promised and will have your order delivered to your nearest port within 6-8 weeks.

    What type of tractors are provided?
    We have tractors from different brands such as the brand new Massey Ferguson in Kenya. Other than that we have New Holland and various used Japanese tractors. The tractors all vary in horsepower and we have products on sale as well. We also have several brand new tractors for sale for our customers in Kenya. Our Massey Ferguson company in Kenya ensures that Kenyan farmers are given an advantage and so provides reductions in prices through discounts. Our job is to ease our farmer's harvesting process and their budget.

    Is other type of agricultural machinery sold as well?
    We sell machinery that assists in your whole agricultural process. We have sprayers and ploughs. Not only that we have used combine harvesters. A list of our products is displayed on the website and also make sure to visit our site to view our diverse range of farm implements for sale.

    What do I do if there's an issue with my farming equipment?
    If an issue occurs during the warranty period, the product can be replaced or we will give you a refund. You can also call us to discuss the faults in the equipment and we will reach a solution.

    Will it be hard to maintain the agricultural machinery bought from Tractor Provider?
    Our tractors for sale are of the finest condition. We promise to supply products of prime shape and so it shouldn't be hard to maintain your machinery. If done rightly, maintenance is not difficult. For more advice, you can contact us through WhatsApp, phone, or email. Our professional staff will guide you in any matter whatsoever.