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In addition to having a comprehensive website, Tractor Provider possesses a number of showrooms across Africa for the purpose of facilitating our African customers. You have the opportunity to view our inventory online or visit our showrooms to have a look in-person. Our vast variety of inventory includes brand new tractors for sale that are also available in used and refurbished varieties. We not only stock popular brands like Massey Ferguson and New Holland, but we also keep used tractors from Japan including Kubota, Yanmar, John Deere, etc.


As we are the leading dealers of agricultural machinery in Nigeria, we make sure to offer all kinds of farm implements for sale to our Nigerian customers. As farmers are aware, farm implements are an essential component of profitable farming, hence one simply can't do without implements as they simplify cultivation and harvesting for you.


Along with tractors and implements, Tractor Provider deals in a handful of models of Combine Harvesters from Kubota that come in handy during harvesting. These are self-propelled machines that do not require a tractor to work. This sturdy equipment has automated reaping, threshing, gathering and winnowing for you.


Most farmers can find it hard to choose from such a wide variety of tractors listed on Tractor Provider, the leading tractor company in Nigeria, as this decision is not an easy one. Investing in a tractor is something that needs to be carefully thought out as you may have to empty your pockets for this one. However, it is also worth noting that investing in a brand new tractor may make you lose a lot of money initially, it will save you big-time in maintenance and repairs. But, if your budget does not permit you to go all out, then you can consider investing in our used or refurbished tractors that are almost as good as new.


But is it safe to purchase a used tractor? With Tractor Provider, yes! By trusting us, you will always be in safe hands. No matter what you decide to buy, we will make sure that your investment is a sound one that you will never regret. Our used tractors are inspected from top to bottom and inside out so that our end-customer never loses. On the other hand, our refurbished tractors are sent to our talented engineers who leave no stone unturned to restore them to their former glory.


Some of our best-selling tractor models from Massey Ferguson in Nigeria include:


MF 240
MF 260
MF 385


By trusting Tractor Provider, you can be certain to be sorted for a lifetime. Our durable tractors and farm implements will boost your profits and change your lives for the better. So stop waiting around and give us a call now.

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